The experience edge - James Hilliard - CNET

By Marc Dangeard, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

Interesting series of video from CNET presenting Wikis and how they are used for business
The series includes 3 short segments:

1. Wiki while you work

The Evolution Of The Creative Commons Spectrum

By SamuelRose, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

The document on Direct Economy (by Xavier Comtesse) has been summarized

By Marc Dangeard, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

Following up on an earlier post , I have summarized the document published by Xavier Comtesse on Direct Economy (in French) .

The Commons Rising: new report on commons initiatives

By Howard Rheingold, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

David Bollier (whose On The Commons blog is a must for those interested in commons -- from watersheds to genomes to the internet), together with coauthors Peter Barnes and Jonathan Rowe has published a 24 page report, The Commons Rising.

The Commons and Globalisation - Some more slants.

By Brian Ohanlon, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

I have to make some comment about Nick Carr's blog post on personal productivity applications and online collaboration. There are just too many issues wrapped together here, and ultimately confused.

The Humergence Weblog and Clare W Graves's E-C Theory

By SamuelRose, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

The recently launched Humergence weblog promises to cover many aspects of cooperation that fall within the realm of the late Clare W. Grave's biopsychosocial Emergent-Cyclical Levels of Existence Theory and related concepts.

The little book of manipulation for well intended people

By Marc Dangeard, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

The Wisdom of (Gamer) Crowds

By Howard Rheingold, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

Henry Jenkins has summarized and commented on other's posts about the use of online games to aggregate the judgements of populations. In the process, Jenkins uses his commentary to make distinctions between "the wisdom of crowds" and "collective intelligence:"

The Shifting Hub

By SamuelRose, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

A new study by the New England Complex Science Institute looks at the stability of highly connected "hubs" in social networks(quoted from NECSI Press release):

The Selfish Gene and memes

By mikelove, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

Jerry Coyne of the Times Online wrote an article Thirty years of the Selfish Gene reviewing some of Dawkins ideas. It covers a little bit of Dawkins' explanation for how selfish genes can bring about cooperative behavior:

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