how bees make collective decisions

By Jordan Kraemer, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

New research details how bees use a form of competitive debate to make collective decisions:

Help define "open business"

By Howard Rheingold, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

Healthy Lurking

By JimBenson, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

This post by Ross Mayfield shows graphically how lurkers and free riders may be an indication of a healthy cooperative system. As long as the number of free riders does not overly devalue the assets of the commons, the presence of free riders indicates that the commons has inherent value.

Great list of p2p, sharing economy, cooperation blogs

By Howard Rheingold, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

Our colleague, Michel Bauwens has published a great list of blogs related to p2p, sharing economy, cooperation-related ideas. We'd love to see Michel blogging here, too.

Grassroots Use of Technology Conference 2006

By SamuelRose, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

Google's Internal Prediction Markets

By Howard Rheingold, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

Global Gathering on the Commons

By Natalie Pang, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

Global Gathering on the Commons
Press Release
By Anne MacKinnon and Charlotte Hess

UBUD, BALI, INDONESIA - Recent research from all over the world offers a new approach to combating poverty and other difficult problems worldwide, an international group of scholars says.

Glenn Murcutt Speaks In Dublin

By Brian Ohanlon, 8 years 8 weeks ago.

Perhaps it is no coincidence, that a great sustainable architect would originate from Australia. The vast continent is home to the oldest civilisation on the planet. The Australian aboriginal people survived for 40,000 years in cooperation with the planet, rather than conflict with it. I wish to use this opportunity to provide some background on the environmental movement, and to re-frame this snazzy marketing slogan of sustainability, in a much larger view. So bear with me.