Why Wikipedia Works

By Howard Rheingold, 9 years 7 weeks ago.

Wikinomics -- Forthcoming book by Don Tapscott and Anthony Williams

By Howard Rheingold, 9 years 7 weeks ago.

(Via Cooperatics)

Wikinomics: How Mass Collaboration Changes Everything is due to be published within the next month or so. The copy on the website is a little hype-y, but the research behind the book is very solid, and their thinking about intellectual property, collaboration, innovation is deeper than their promotional copy indicates.

Wireless Internet Commons

By SamuelRose, 9 years 7 weeks ago.

onthecommons.org has an informative post about Pierre de Vries of the New America Foundation and his working paper, “Populating the Vacant Channels.” (PDF)

WorldWideHelp: social networking for disaster relief

By Howard Rheingold, 9 years 7 weeks ago.

(Via MobileActive.org)

WorldWideHelp is the blog for a "General newsgroup and rallying point for power bloggers, wiki experts, database adepts, etc., for calls to action and volunteers to provide information post-disasters."

Yochai Benkler's book, The Wealth of Networks: hardcopy, download, wiki

By Howard Rheingold, 9 years 7 weeks ago.

Yochai Benkler has created a wiki to support and extend his new book, The Wealth of Networks. Note that the book is available for sale in a hardbound edition and also downloadable as a Creative Commons licensed PDF:

You Have The Right to a Blog

By JimBenson, 9 years 7 weeks ago.

The Los Angeles Police Department has launched their blog.

The first entry from Chief Bratton says:

YouTube Whistle Blowing

By SamuelRose, 9 years 7 weeks ago.

New Summary: David Bollier, When Push Comes To Pull

By SamuelRose, 9 years 7 weeks ago.

When Push comes To Pull: The New Economy and Culture of Networking Technology

NewAssignment.net: An experiment in participatory journalism

By SamuelRose, 9 years 7 weeks ago.

[bliki | what is a bliki?]

[via BuzzMachine]

Jay Rosen has launched an open source and open funded journalism experiment called NewAssignment.net. Here's how it works:

Newstrust launch today

By Marc Dangeard, 9 years 7 weeks ago.

Since this is definitely related to Cooperation in the News arena, and
I think it is a small revolution in how we can get access to better
news articles, I would like to mention this:


We're happy to announce that NewsTrust just launched today. Check it
out now:

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