Platforms for Cooperation.

By Brian Ohanlon, 8 years 16 weeks ago.

Prospero – A "Visual Commons" Framework for Community-Aware Public Displays

By paulbhartzog, 8 years 16 weeks ago.

Prospero is an infrastructure to enable public displays to reflect evolving public participation.

The objectives of the Prospero project arise from two primary motivations: one descriptive, the other normative. First, technologies that foster cooperation enhance our relationship to our surroundings. Many of these technologies incorporate user feedback in real-time. An experiment in participatory journalism

By SamuelRose, 8 years 16 weeks ago.

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Jay Rosen has launched an open source and open funded journalism experiment called Here's how it works:

New Summary: David Bollier, When Push Comes To Pull

By SamuelRose, 8 years 16 weeks ago.

When Push comes To Pull: The New Economy and Culture of Networking Technology

New study on altruistic punishment: people prefer groups that punish free-riders, if punishment increases profit to members

By Howard Rheingold, 8 years 16 weeks ago.

Study Links Punishment to an Ability to Profit is the New York Times headline about recent research results, published today in Science:

Sociologists have long known that communes and other cooperative groups usually collapse into bickering and disband if they do not have clear methods of punishing members who become selfish or exploitative.

Nanotech searches for cooperative limits

By Kevin Jones, 8 years 16 weeks ago.

My thoughts for the day that's in it.

By Brian Ohanlon, 8 years 16 weeks ago.

Music as cooperation/language enabler

By Howard Rheingold, 8 years 16 weeks ago. reports on scientific speculation that "Caveman crooners may have aided early human life," signalling availability for cooperation and perhaps laying down the neural substrates for language. This hypothesis was first elaborated with extensive citation by William Benzon in his book, Beethoven's Anvil.

Movie Directing and Software Programming

By Brian Ohanlon, 8 years 16 weeks ago.

Monday lecture at Stanford: Online Dispute Resolution

By mikelove, 8 years 16 weeks ago.

If you are in Palo Alto tomorrow around lunch time, there is a free lecture at Stanford:

The Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society (CIS) and
The Stanford Law and Technology Association (SLATA) present

Online Dispute Resolution, Democracy and the EBay Experience


Colin Rule
Director of Online Dispute Resolution
eBay and PayPal
CIS Fellows

April 10, 2006
12:30-1:30 PM
Room 95
Stanford Law School
Open to All
Lunch Served

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