Does Mobility Decrease Cooperation?

By paulbhartzog, published at 10 May 2007 - 8:12pm, last updated 11 years 27 weeks ago.

Abstract: We explore the minimal conditions for sustainable cooperation on a spatially distributed population of memoryless, unconditional strategies (cooperators and defectors) in presence of unbiased, non contingent mobility. We found that cooperative behavior is not only possible but may even be enhanced by such an "always-move" rule, when compared with the strongly viscous ("never-move") case. In addition, mobility also increases the capability of cooperation to emerge and invade a population of defectors, what may have a fundamental role in the problem of the onset of cooperation.

Source: Does Mobility Decrease Cooperation?, Mendeli H. Vainstein, Ana Tereza Costa Silva, Jeferson J. Arenzon, DOI: q-bio.PE/0608009, arXiv, 2005/08/04