P2PU - Open Governance

By GSigal, published at 8 October 2010 - 12:29am, last updated 9 years 15 weeks ago.

Interesting P2PU study group running this month:
Open Governance - how open communities of volunteers can make decisions and take action.


Summary: "In this course we will try to understand how open communities of volunteers - like this one - can make decisions and take action, often using governance structures that look very different from the traditional models we see in firms. P2PU makes for an interesting study subject and we will look at some real-world examples that have come up during the past year, and some of the governance questions that we, as a community, are working on at the moment. While P2PU is a convenient starting point, participants are encouraged to bring their own case-studies and questions for discussion in the group".

Gustavo Sigal